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Launching Hai Phong – Kaiyuan international exclusive interlink-cargo train
28/12/2017 - 11:14

Launching Hai Phong – Kaiyuan international exclusive interlink-cargo train

Vietnam Railways (VNR) has just
hosted the opening ceremony for Hai Phong – Kaiyuan (China) exclusive interlink-cargo train.

The train with 16 wagons will covers a distance of 610 km for 29 hours approximately (excluding time for customs declaration). The train will stop at Lao Cai Station (Vietnam) and Shanyao Railway Station (China) for customs clearance. 

Imminently, commodities transported from Vietnam to China are mainly sulfur and refined zinc ore, while that from China to Vietnam is fertilizer majorly. 

Mr. Vu Ta Tung, General Director of VNR shared that the freighter was opened in the plan of transport between the two countries. With the advantages of fast delivery, short time cycling, the train would help to freightcommodities between two countries quickly, conveniently and safely ... with a cheaper cost than it is done on road. 

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Municipal People's Committee of Hai Phong revealed that this was the shortest way to the sea from Southwest provinces of China, thus the operation of this railway would bring back great economic value for Hai Phong particularly as well as northern provinces generally.

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