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Haiphong’s FDI in 2019 reaches USD 1.5 billion
24/11/2019 - 17:16

Haiphong’s FDI in 2019 reaches USD 1.5 billion

In 2019, the business and investment environment in Vietnam has been improved significantly due to many effective mechanism of administrative reforms and shortening the administrative procedures. Therefore, the amount of foreign direct investment into Haiphong till the end of Oct, 2019 was estimated at USD 1,1 billion, which also means this number might reach USD 1,5 billion by the end of the year.

The number of online certificates of business registration for joint stock company that Haiphong has conducted occupied 79,39%; while the number of certificate of tax registration was 100%. 99% of enterprises paid tax online; 236 times of value added tax refund were made, 100% of firms use digital signatures when registered online. On the other hand, the Department of Commerce has examined and cut down the conduction time of 4 basic administrative procedures namely certificate of eligible oil business; certificate of electricity retail, sales registration and registration of official business seal for commercial appraisal. The statistics published by Haiphong People’s Committee, this year’s FDI into Haiphong has been increase significantly. Until 22/10, there were new 71 projects and 39 projects were raised capital, contributing of USD 1,1 billion. Hence, the amount of FDI this year could reach USD 1,5 billion and achieve the targeted number. At the moment, in Haiphong, there are 680 FDI projects with total investment of USD 17,59 billion.

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