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01/01/2020 - 09:33


When the whole world and our country welcomed a happy new year last night, at the city center, Haiphong celebrated a new year with many cultural, artistic activities with the excitement, happiness of all residents and participants.

At the Haiphong Exhibition and Art Centre, there was an artistic performance, which was organized by Haiphong center of culture, Department of Culture and Sport. Many interesting performances were designed and performed by members of clubs/society, teams from different offices. The songs about spring, the communist party, the country Vietnam and Haiphong city attracted many audiences, bringing an excited atmosphere for all local residents to welcome a new year.

Meanwhile, at the square of the city theater, since very earlier, many people had gathered to this place to join in various last year activities. Everyone together was trying to save some last moment of the previous year 2019 and then, together welcome the first seconds of a new year 2020 with their families, their friends, their lovers. The weather in Haiphong last night was quite nice for out-door playing activities. Although there were no firework performances or countdown till the moment of beginning a new year, people were still very happy and excited for a happy new year.

It cannot be denied that the moment beginning of a new year created memorial and emotional experiences for each local resident and visitor of Haiphong city. Many wishes, desires of new merry, happy year, a new decade starting from now – 2020 is coming to us and all people around the world.

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