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Conclusion of Politburo on continuously fostering implementation of Resolution No.32 on construction and development of Hai Phong
11/02/2014 - 17:16

Conclusion of Politburo on continuously fostering implementation of Resolution No.32 on construction and development of Hai Phong

Mr. Le Hong Anh, Member of the Politburo and Permanent Member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat recently signed on behalf of the Politburo to issue the Conclusion No.72-KL/TW on continuously fostering the implementation of the 9thPolitburo’s Resolution No.32-NQ/TW on “construction and development of Hai Phong city in the period of national industrialization and modernization”. Details are as follows:

At the session on 19th September 2013, after hearing report of the Standing Board of Hai Phong’s Party Committee on the results of 10-year implementation of the 9th Politburo’s Resolution No.32-NQ/TW dated 5th August 2003 on “construction and development of Hai Phong city in the period of national industrialization and modernization” and comments of the central agencies and ministries, the Politburo concludes that:

1. Results of 10-year implementation of the 9th Politburo’s Resolution No.32-NQ/TW dated 5th August 2003

In the past 10 years, under the context that the whole country has been facing an interlacement of advantages and threats, the Party, government and people of Hai Phong city has put strong efforts and determination to overcome difficulties, seriously organized implementation of the Politburo’s Resolution No.32 and grasped outstanding achievements.

The economy grew rapidly; GDP per capita in the 2003-2012 period increased by 11% per year, average income reached 2,064 USD per capita; the enocomic structure has been shifted toward a proper direction, in which the service and industry sector made up nearly 90%, port services develop quickly; the investment mobilization achievements have come up at a quite high level, FDI attraction has been recovered and surged from 2011. Hai Phong has been step by step proved as one of industrial centres of the region and the whole country.

The urban planning and construction has been paid attention, large projects such as airports, seaports, expressway, Dinh Vu-Cat Hai economic zone, etc. have been started which created new motivation for development. The city aspect has thriven and step by step proved the role as a key transport hub, a main gate to the sea and a shipping development centre of Northern provinces.

The cultural and social affairs have achieved many positive results, people’s material and spiritual lives have been improved; the education and training have been well developed, well-trained labours made up majority; the social welfares and security have been guaranteed, number of poor families fell down to 4.2%.

National defense and security have been strengthened. The Party and government construction and mass mobilization have been frequently implemented and put in order; the 11th Party Central Committee’s Resolution No.4 on “urgent issues of Party construction in current time” has been implemented seriously and achieved significant initial results.

- Nevertheless, if compared to the objectives and tasks of the Resolution No.32, what Hai Phong has done is still limited. The economic development is not corresponding with potentials and advantages, and unable to maintain sustainability as well. The development of industry, tourism, financial services, trade, urban construction and transport to become a big centre is not clear, and even slow in some aspects. Many key projects defined in the Politburo’s Resolution No.32, Resolution No.54 and the Government’s decisions have been implemented slowly or not yet been carried out. The state management is still limited, especially in land management. The cultural and social affairs development does not meet the demand to some extends. The criminal situation occurred complicatedly. The quality of Party construction and mass mobilization is quite low in some localities; the leader and managerial staff planning is discontinuous, in which a partial has not been standardized.

- The above-mentioned limitations werecaused by both subjective and objective reasons, however subjective ones took the majority. The institutionalization of the Politburo’s Resolution No.32-NQ/TW has been slow. The mechanism and policies upon Hai Phong have not been corresponding to Hai Phong’s position as an important traffic hub and a main gate to the sea of Northern provinces. The leadership, direction, administration and organization of implementing resolutions of the Party Committee and Government of Hai Phong city in some sectors have been lack of activeness and peremptoriness, as well as still relied on the central level. The cooperation between the central departments and ministries with Hai Phong city has been limited and inactive.

2. Orientations, objectives and tasks from now up to 2020

- Based on the continuously good implementation of the Resolution No.32 and initiative application of the 11th National Party Congress’s Resolution and Party Central Committee’s resolutions, from now up to 2020, Hai Phong needs to be developed toward making the most of resources and advantages to build Hai Phong as a green, advanced and modern port city, a big industrial and service centre with high competitiveness; a major locality of national marine economic development; an education-training, healthcare, and science-technology centre of the Northern coastal region; an important traffic hub of the country, a main gate to the sea of Northern provinces and Vietnam-China economic belt; a locality which keeps improving its citizens’ material and spiritual life; an inviolable bastion in terms of national defense and security; a locality which has a strong Party Committee and political system; and to complete industrialization and modernization before 2020.

- To foster implementation of the guidelines on reforming growth model and restructuring the economy toward fast and sustainable development. To shift the development form from widening to deepening, and enhancing effectiveness and competitiveness of the economy. To focus on developing advantageous and potential sectors such as port services, airport, tourism, marine economy, shipping, logistics, finance, import and export, etc. To pay attention to developing key industries which have high level of productivity, added value and scientific-technological application, and use clean and environmentally friendly technology. To raise the domestic proportion in the products; and gradually shift from processing and assembling to manufacturing. To prioritize promotion of products which have high possibility to participate in the global value chains and reduction of preliminary processed and environmental used-up products. To develop ecological agriculture with clean products, high earning value and foster new rural construction. To be interested in cultural and social development which contains Hai Phong character.

To strive for achieving some major targets by 2020, such as: economic growth by 1.5 to 2 times compared to the national rate; GDP per capita achieves about 4,900 to 5,000 USD; service sector occupies 63%, industry-construction sector makes up 33.5% and agriculture-forestry-aquatic sector holds 3.5% in the economic structure.

- To construct and develop Hai Phong township toward a green, advanced and modern port city. To well fulfil three phases of strategic breakthrough, viz., developing infrastructure synchronously and modernly in order to meet development demand of the city and the region; mobilizing all sources of investment, including foreign capital in multi-forms (i.e., BOT, BTO, BT, PPP…); and speeding up the progress and completion of construction projects mentioned in the Politburo’s Resolution No.32, Resolution No.54 and the Prime Minister’s decisions.

- To improve quality of human resources for meeting the city’s development demand. To create comprehensive and profound changes in administrative reforms to contribute to improving the investment and business environment; strengthening rules and effectiveness of the management and administration of governments at all levels; intensifying the prevention and struggle against corruption and profligacy.

- Economic development must be implemented in close coordination with fulfilment of the tasks on guaranteeing national defense and security, holding firm national sovereignty, and maintaining political stability and social order. To frequently give mind to improving the Party construction, strengthening the government and mobilizing the masses. To ensure having clean and strong Party organizations and cadres, a solidary and united apparatus, and a valid and effective administrative foundation which serves well the citizens.

3. For proposals of Hai Phong’s Party Committee

In order for Hai Phong to develop and fulfil the above orientations, objectives and tasks, it is firstly under the responsibility of the Party Committee, Government and people of Hai Phong city; and simultaneously, the National Assembly’s Party Group, Government’s Party Affairs Committee, Central Party’s committees, departments and ministries need to focus on fulfillilng their responsibilities toward Hai Phong. In short-term, it is required to consider and solve Hai Phong’s proposals as follows:

- To prioritize arranging funds for completion as planned of the key projects which have been kicked off, such as: Ha Noi – Hai Phong expressway, Hai Phong international port, Cat Bi airport expansion and improvement, Tan Vu – Lach Huyen road and bridge, infrastructure projects in Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic zone, Viet – Tiep general hospital, and Hai Phong university.

- To study investment with proper schedule for kicking off connection projects in order to create synchronization with ongoing projects and those having role as a motive force for the socio-economic development of the whole region; such as:Hai Phong – Ha Noi – Lao Cai express railway; construction of Bach Long Vy island as a centre for fisheries logistics, search and rescue in the North; Thanh Hoa – Quang Ninh waterway and coastal highway; high quality vocational school; and central hospital in Hai Phong.

- To soon submit to competent authorities for promulgation of specific guidelines and policies on personnel and apparatus organization, finance and budget, and infrastructure development for the first rank city of national level. To study allowing Hai Phong to retain a proper proportion of the tax collection from import and export in order to support the implementation of programs and tasks; rewarding bonus to the city based on the exceeding amount of total extimated tax collection; and authorizing the city to regulate some kinds of taxes and charges.

- To have guidelines and policies to help Hai Phong speed up construction of North Cam River new urban area, Lach Tray riverside waterfront city, a new administration and political centre of the city according to the master plan approved by the Prime Minister.

4- The Central Enomomic Commission takes the lead and coordinates with the Party’s Central Committee Office to monitor and inspect the implementation of the Resolution No.32 and this Conclusion, and periodically report to the Politburo.


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