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VSIP Haiphong attracts 115 mil USD of investment
16/09/2013 - 11:50

VSIP Haiphong attracts 115 mil USD of investment

By end of August, VSIP Haiphong Integrated Township and Industrial Park attracted 115.4 million USD of investment; in which the biggest was Y-Tec Company with total registered capital of 84 million USD. The remaining was from JFE Shoji Company with 13 million USD, King Plastic Company with 7.3 million USD, KeinHing Company increased capital by 10 million USD, and Instanta Company increased capital by 500,000 USD.

In 2012, VSIP Haiphong attracted 426 million USD. The company targets to achieve 600 million USD of investment in 2013. Many big industrial projects have invested in VSIP Haiphong, including Kyocera, NiproPharma, Fuji Xerox, etc. Currently, quite number of investors intend to invest in VSIP Haiphong; however, difficulties in land revoking are affecting the investment progress of investors. Accordingly, VSIP Haiphong is now cooperating closely with Haiphong City, Haiphong’s relevant departments and Thuy Nguyen District to speed up the land revoking and resettlement process in order to obtain enough land for meeting the demand of investors and achieving the target to attract 600 million USD of investment in 2013.

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