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The public LED lighting system integrated with the 4.0 smart technology
07/11/2017 - 15:25

The public LED lighting system integrated with the 4.0 smart technology

On Nov 1st, the Chairman of the Municipal People's Committee Nguyen Van Tung received and worked with delegation of IDECO VN - KREMS Joint Venture on a project in which the existing public LED lighting system to be replaced by a LED system integrated with 4.0 smart technology in the city.

Attended the meeting were also leaders of relevant departments agencies.

At the meeting, the representative of the Construction Department shared that IDECO VN Co., Ltd is a pioneering enterprise in assisting the city in urban renewal and strengthen its capability to approach the 4.0 industrial revolution. The investment in replacing the HPS lights with the LEDs as per proposal of the company would bring the outstanding financial effects compared to such invested with the budget of the city. Whereby, the Construction Department proposed the People's Committee to accept IDECO VN to do a trial replacement in some major streets as Le Hong Phong, Vo Nguyen Giap Truong Chinh, Lach Tray, Da Nang and Tran Nguyen Han where traffic density is rather high.

Representatives of IDECO VN - KREMS affirmed that smart lighting means energy saving. The company expects to bring the 4.0 technology program into many fields of management for Hai Phong including replacing HPS bulbs with LED lights integrated with 4.0 technology in public lighting system that would save energy for street lighting significantly as smart control devices are incorporated.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Van Tung welcomed the delegation to visit and work in Hai Phong. He requested IDECO VN Co., Ltd to carry out the first trial with around 1,000 to 2,000 LED lights in some central streets. The Chairman also designated the local relevant departments and agencies to coordinate in costs estimation, agreement ... etc and deliver all necessary proceeding to ask for approval from the People’s Committee and the Standing Party Committee in order to implement the project.

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