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Industrial production in the city increased continuously
28/12/2017 - 11:13

Industrial production in the city increased continuously

For 11 months, the industrial production index of Hai Phong increased by 20.04% against same period last year.

There were 29 industries having production index increased, in which: garment industry has the highest growth, reaching 166%; home electrical appliances increased by 96%; fertilizer production increased by 93.42%; production of rubber tires and tubes increased by 76.23%; production of machinery and office equipment (printers) increased 56% ...

17 industries had decreased production index of which the largest decrease was the manufacture of electric motors, reduced 27.84%; animal feed production decreased by 22.7%; shipbuilding industry decreased by 18.45%; brewery lowered down by 15% ...

Many industrial enterprises still have high breakthrough growth as LG Electronics Co., Ltdproducing phones with more than 1 million units in November, the highest ever; television production has been expected to be rather high. Regina Miracle Garment Co., Ltd has 11 months' production output of 42.5 million products, increased 3 times year-on-year with the turnover reaching over 4,400 billionVietnam Dong, accounting for 68% of turnover of the entire industry. Dap-Vinachem Fertilizer Company, after a difficult period, has produced more than 26,000 tonnes in November, the highest production since the beginning of the year while inventory has been reduced to 8,800 tonnes against 12,000 tonnes in July, the company’s benefit is forecast around 35 billion Vietnam Dong in 4th quarter of 2017.

However, production volume and consumption of enterprises of steel production, electricity, electrical equipment such as Vinausteel, SSE, Dong bu; Hai Phong Thermal Power JVC,Hai Phong subsidiary of GE has continuously decreased, leading to reduced sales, impact on the growth of industrial production index of the city totally.

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