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A tour to the Height 177 in Cat Ba
26/09/2011 - 03:52

A tour to the Height 177 in Cat Ba

“Grandiose!” is an usual exclamation of many visitors when coming to the Height 177 in Cat Ba, Haiphong, of which the main route is to visit the Cannon fort. Arriving in Cat Ba during this time, visitors are frequently reminded of the Height 177 where the nature, sky, ground and ocean are associated. Historical vestiges recorded that apart from the two cannons, there are also a complicated system of watch-tower, shelters and trench. Because of being built at the hill top, most of works here remain intact through wars and times.

Outside of segments of trenches embanked with rough and thick stones, a domed tunnel to the mountain entrails has a large surface which is enough for a group of people crossing at a same time. The tunnel leading to the operation house and bunker is constructed with solid concrete. All such rough and neglected features leave tourists special impressions on an untouched historical vestige. When taking a rest at Cannon café, contrary feelings often appear in each people. Location of the Cannon café also expressed the contrast here. On one side is the simpleness of historical vestiges of military victories, such as trenches, ammunitions and firearms; on the other side is the romantic beauty of ocean, mountains and forests endowed by the nature. The two contrary values which seem hardly to associate have already met here. The creator clearly arranges the life contrast unintentionally in order lay frettage and stir on visitors. It brings us meditation of a life theory: Among the dryness and roughness, there still adheres and flows the dreamlike romanticism. From the watch-tower of the Cannon Fort tourist area, we can stretch our look toward the large front space with the feeling like adventurously bobbing in the landscape. Right at the mountain base, there located the two most beautiful beaches of Cat Ba which are Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. Legend has it that, once upon a time when the sky were close to the ground, heavenly fairies often transformed themselves into storks and landed here for enjoying the ground landscape. This place is much like a fairyland with white and smooth sand-banks, blue sea-water and wave trains crashing onto mountain sides. Islands i.e. Guoc Island or Long Chau (dragon eyes) Island appear vaguely like bobbing above the wave. The creator and nature have drawn artistic strokes on a background of blue sea which created the most beautiful and unique picture. Toward the opposite bank, Cat Ba Bay appears with hundreds of anchoring fishing boats and floating houses which make a bustling are on the sea. Looking down from above, the whole Cat Ba Bay with boats can be seen in a glance. At dusk, the blazing red sun setting behind mountain chains draws a splendid natural picture of the sea. The miraculous beauty of the nature here is also seen when taking a look on Lan Ha Bay - one of most beautiful bays of the world wonder Ha Long – from above. The color of the sapphire sea mixing with the color of the floristic cover of limestone mountains has made the fairyland greener. Lan Ha is often likened to a heavenly orchid in the ground. It is rarely found a place where people are so close to the nature like here. Coming to Cannon Fort tourist area is to come to the harmony location of the sky and the ground, mountains and the sea. The grandiose and dreamlike landscape, the original nature and the proud vestiges certainly stir our feeling.

Cat Ba is the place of twining between forests and the sea which create a unique picture. Coming to this beautiful island, visitors have chance to not only wallow in the purely blue sea but also discover the mysterious nature through primeval forests on the island. Especially, because of being located at the end of the strategic arc, this island is considered as a gigantic fort to guard the seaway to the Northeast of Vietnam the whole day and night. The Height 177 on Cat Ba island has become an important location for guarding territorial waters and airspace of Vietnam Fatherland./.

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