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Unnumbered wharf at Zone 3, Do Son, Haiphong
07/09/2012 - 14:12

Unnumbered wharf at Zone 3, Do Son, Haiphong

The Unnumbered wharf (today’s Ben Nghieng - Slope wharf) is located right at the Van Hoa (Multi-flower) foothill next to a green valley where a 100 room hotel has been built and under operation by Do Son International Tourism Company. The wharf’s vestiges are now few concrete columns. It was built and kept under a strict confidentiality in which the unnumbered ships carrying weapons used to depart for the South.

On 11th of October 1962, the first wooden ship carrying 30 ton weapons departed just here and called at Ca Mau in a six day journey to hand all the arms over to Zone 9 military committee. There had been nearly 100 out of a total 168 trips starting their voyages from here. Hence, the wharf is known as 'Oceanic Ho Chi Minh trail'.

Do Son slope wharf is at present a dock for boats to Hon Dau. Soon, it will be operated as the dock for cruises to Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay and Mong Cai.


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