Hải Phòng, ngày 24 tháng 01 năm 2020


Using public investment from the city's budget valued over VND 1,000 billion, 4 months after being built, the project to upgrade provincial road 359 from Binh bridge to Trung Ha commune, Thuy Nguyen district is being carried out promptly to finish this year.

The project stretches nearly 5 kilometers and needs revoked land of nearly 140 square meters of nearly 1,000 households in Tan Duong, Thuy Son and Nui Deo.

Identifying this as an important road connecting the city center to the local political administrative center and industrial zones, Thuy Nguyen district has strengthened leadership, compensated and cleared site as regulated by law and solved people's petitions in time. Up to this moment, most the the households have supported the project, voluntarily dismounted works and constructions, handed over premise, facilitated contractors to carry out the project.

Thuy Nguyen district is trying to finish this road as schedule, improve and perfect traffic in the area, meet people's travelling demand, create motive force for the city and district's economic development.