Hải Phòng, ngày 07 tháng 12 năm 2019


To ensure the scheduled progress of Nam Cau Binh Intersection Project, Hong Bang district is speeding up land clearance and boosting dissemination to soon hand over the clean site.

The Land Revoke Division of Hong Bang district has set up plans to revoke land for those households not abiding by the decision to deploy the construction project of Nam Cau Bin Intersection in So Dau ward, at the same time organized a dialogue with the residents before promulgating the Decision of Land Revoke.

At the dialogue, households in So Dau ward under the plan for land revoke for Nam Cau Binh Intersection Project raised petitions pertaining to land compensation, resettlement supports…Representatives of functional units and local authorities gave explanations and instructed the households to perform the site clearance formalities under the state regulations…Accordingly, Hong Bang will soon revoke land of households in So Dau ward for Nam Cau Binh Intersection Project in the coming time. At present, more than 40 households have not agreed the land compensation./.