Hải Phòng, ngày 06 tháng 12 năm 2019


Haiphong People’s Committee has recently promulgated the Decision No.19 stipulating mechanisms and polices to develop fruit and vegetable cultivation in Haiphong till 2025 and orientations towards 2030. This resolution plays an important role in encouraging the concentrated material production zone in the city area.

According to the Resolution’s contents, the city will support plant species, fertilizer, loaning capital interest rates for production prevention, manage production and purchase products. In terms of plant species, the city will finance the growers with 100% of seeds for the first crop and 100% plant species for fruit trees. In terms of fertilizer support, the farmers will be given 50% of finance for fertilizer production in the first year for the newly-cultivated fruit trees and the new crop of vegetables. For loaning capital for production expansion, the farmers will be assisted 100% interest rate. In regards to production and product purchase, farmers will be financed 2 million dong/ha/year within the first 5 years for fruit trees and 5 million dong/ha/year within the first 3 years for vegetables./.